Saturday, January 23, 2010

Work in progress / Serendipity

I never pull a stitch out. I try to work with it or cover it over. In this case some black lines got a little out of control and I wanted to get rid of them completely, like they weren't there at all. Instead of searching for a suitable thread color which would resemble the red fabric I was working on, I decided to pull strands from the very fabric itself, pulling it apart, un-weaving it. The strands were not very strong, but with careful stitching I managed to cover over my error, the result looking like a scar. After a while I realized I had added a kind of subtle texture to the fabric, which I liked, so I began to do it deliberately. Now I am covering much of this piece with this 'new, discovered-by-accident' technique. It's creating a nice, 'background' effect.