Monday, February 22, 2010

Red and Brains and....

This is sort of a follow up on the self portrait. It continues the theme of certain problems which emanate from the quality and workings of the brain. We don't get to choose our brain. What would happen if we had a better model?

I wanted to work on a colored surface. I almost chose black but the red won out instead. I also wanted to use all metallic threads.
For the first time I didn't fill every inch of my working space with stitches. For much of it, I let the fabric exist as it was. I was planning to leave much more alone but then I fell upon the glorious accident which I described in the previous post.
The figure was supposed to be me. But when I did the head I knew it couldn't be. It looked too much like one of those zombie-type things found on heavy metal posters in some adolescents room. I wasn't happy with it, but what could I do? It stayed.

This is the largest thing I've done. it measures about 7 inches diameter.

I left it round, left it flat. I just sewed up the edges and left the back exposed, which may or may not look as interesting as the front.