Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Unfinished

I started doing embroidery as a result of using stitches to compliment my collages. But the thread took over so fiercely that I abandoned a few of them in favor of full-on fabric embroidery. I kept some of them close though, small ones that I had mounted onto card stock, in the same bag as my metallic and invisible thread, spare poly bags and other odds and ends. I thought I would go back to them and eventually stitch them to completion. At first I was doing this, but soon my hoop work dominated my mind and they became pretty much forgotten. I'm always fumbling through this bag to retrieve one thing or another, brushing past the collages like they were forgotten people.

Recently I fished them all out and placed them in front of me. I remember distinctly stitching gold onto one while I was watching the Summer Olympics. That was two years ago. And they are still in my bag? What for? Maybe it's time to finally finish them. After I finish the current hoop I'm on of course. Maybe.........


  1. Amazing work!
    Now I follow you :D

  2. I love these, I think the scale is fantastic! Perhaps you could find some way to display them until you're able to return to them?