Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I used to be scared of certain types of images of demons and devils. Mostly, the 'generic' kind that you see on Tarot cards or in stuff you find at Botanicas and such. The basic 'red guy' with the horns and tail and all. For some reason that basic image always scared me and I thought it was 'bad' to have it in my possession.
So I decided to perform an exorcism on myself. I made just that type of devil image that I was scared of. Slowly but surely as I continued to sew and form the image over the weeks I eventually stopped being scared. Now, I 'own' that image. I made it. I'm in control. I have the power. I'm not a-scared anymore.

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  1. I love hearing you talk about this. I have felt the same way. I have things that I am scared of also...and have tried to overcome the fear by exploring it. It feels good to conquer fear through understanding that it doesn't have to control us.