Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First with Embroidery hoop

I did some research and found out what those things all the grandmothers were using in movies and such I had seen - they were sewing with embroidery hoops (duh # 2!). I got one, stretched fabric on it and started.
I am interested in Religious art and also the concept of the duality of angels, devils and humans. To me they are all the same.
I wanted it to look like a 'little painting'. It took a couple of months. The background is red, copper and gold metallic threads.
Eventually I sewed the fabric onto some canvas and stretched it on a wooden frame.


  1. Do you mean the hoop that is like a frame? Would love it if you could post a photo. Students in my embroidery classes always ask about frames.

    I am enjoying your blog, and seeing more images in greater detail.


  2. I stretched it onto a square wooden frame that I made, after I took it off the embroidery hoop (although I have seen people sell their embroidery right on the hoop - it does function as a hangable frame).
    I'll be sure to post pics soon.

    I'm glad you are enjoying!