Saturday, May 12, 2012

New direction

I decided to go 'back' to the type of collages I was doing that made me bump head-first into embroidery, except in this case on a larger scale. I made this specifically for an upcoming show (a first). I also wanted to concentrate on the flat surface more, like a painting. This one is stretched on a frame. There is still the concentration of stitches in the center like my previous embroidery work but there are also stitches floating alone, in space, and most of the fabric is left to be itself.

I experimented further with texture by adding stars that pop about 1/4" or so from the surface, as well as making suture-like stitches as if the fabric were like skin, and finally, taking clippings from old doilies and covering them completely with a million little stitches of smoky monofilament thread.

Black on black is a hard thing to capture in a photograph, just another hurdle in my eternal struggle with getting accurate photos of my work.



  1. What a fucking beautiful work!!!!

    I love it because it's close to the grotesque

    Cheers from México :)

  2. I love the density of your stitching in the centre and the contrast with those floating around.

    Really inspiring!